SUUS Faith Formation REGISTRATION Form: Children & Youth 2021-2022

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Getting To Know Your Child Better

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*Please note: If you prefer to speak directly with the Director of Faith Formation and/or Minister regarding your child, please be in touch to schedule a meeting prior to participation in SUUS programs. 
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Photo/Video Release and Signature - Occasionally, we like to take pictures or videos of the children as they participate in class or other SUUS activities. Such images may be posted in a classroom, on a bulletin board, on the SUUS website or facebook page, in the newsletter or promotional materials, or in other print or online publications, such as district and UUA publications and local newspapers or news websites. We do not publish or display names or other identifying information with photos, without first obtaining parent/guardian permission.

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In Case of Emergency

If I/we cannot be readily located in the event of an emergency, I/we authorize SUUS and its representatives to render emergency medical assistance to my child(ren)and to authorize medical and paramedical personnel to do the same.

I/we further give permission for my child(ren) to leave the SUUS under the supervision of program leaders for walking trips and related activities during the Sunday morning program (field trips outside of class time or requiring transportation will use a separate permission slip).
I/we also understand that, although SUUS follows policies and practices that it believes to be reasonable to protect children, injuries may still occur. I/we release SUUS and all its representatives from any and all claims and liability for any injury to any child of mine, and agree to indemnify and hold SUUS and all of its representatives harmless against any such claims and liability.


To provide the very best programming for our children and youth, many adult volunteers are needed each year. Please consider how you can help, and let us know your interests and preferences. The Director of Faith Formation is available to discuss the details of any of these possibilities.
Our program needs you!

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Or Faith Formation Committee Co-Chairs:
Kathy Helmrich,
Faith Formation Co-Chair (
Jennifer Swenson, 
Faith Formation Co-Chair (
Scott Swenson, 
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